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Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal (WCAT) Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal (WCAT) Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal (WCAT)
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Suspending an appeal is also called putting an appeal on hold. Ending an appeal is called withdrawing an appeal.

Suspend an appeal

WCAT will put an appeal on hold if a vice chair or panel:

  • Decides a WorkSafeBC policy should not be applied
  • Refers a matter back to WorkSafeBC for determination
  • Waits for a pending WorkSafeBC decision on a related matter
  • Requests assistance from an independent health professional

An appeal can be put on hold if there’s a related matter still waiting for a decision from WorkSafeBC or the Review Division. Related matters include:

  • Similar issues in the same WorkSafeBC file
  • Another related WorkSafeBC file for the same appellant
  • Something that may have a direct impact on the appeal

You can ask to suspend your appeal by sending a written request to WCAT. WCAT will review the request and confirm whether the pending decision is related to the matter under appeal.

Once an appeal is suspended, you need to contact WCAT to proceed with your appeal. You can either:

  • Make a request to proceed with the appeal without waiting for WorkSafeBC’s decision, OR
  • Proceed with your appeal within 30 days of receiving a decision from WorkSafeBC

If you don’t contact WCAT within 30 days of receiving a decision from WorkSafeBC, your appeal will be closed. You can apply for extension of time to appeal to continue the appeal later than 30 days of receiving the WorkSafeBC decision.

Withdraw an appeal

If you’re an appellant, you can ask to withdraw your appeal:

  • Send a written request to WCAT, OR
  • Make a request at your oral hearing

WCAT will review the request and let you know if it has been approved or not. If it’s approved, you will be mailed a confirmation letter that the appeal has been withdrawn.

Ask for help

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