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Site Search Help

You can search the WCAT website using the Basic Search or the Advanced Search. Here is some help for each type of site search.

Note: Neither the Basic Site Search nor the Advanced Site Search will search WCAT decisions. To search WCAT decisions

General Tips
  • Site search only searches “pdf” documents on the website. There are also “html” documents on the website, including the webpages themselves. Site search will not search these documents. To search for webpages please use the site map.
  • The search is not case sensitive. You can use either upper or lower case without affecting the search results.
  • Search automatically searchs for a word with any ending, for example, search for post and find documents containing posts, post-injury, postponed, postponement, postpones.

Basic Site Search

Use To search for... Example Finds...
Site Search documents with any of the words you list. left elbow results that contain the word “left” or the word "elbow".


Advanced Site Search

Use To search for... Example Finds...
All these words a specific word or more than one word. wrist elbow results with both of these words.
Exact Phrase

an exact set of words.
You will only get results if the words in the phrase you typed in are in the exact same order within the document.
You do not need to use quotation marks around the words.

mental stress results with the exact phrase "mental stress".
One or more words

any words you have listed.

You will get results if at least one of the words you typed is in the document.

wrist elbow results with any of these words.
None of these words

words, but exclude other words from the search.

Note you must enter something in either “All these words” or “Exact phrase” or “One or more words” for “None of these words” to work.

wrist results that do not include wrist.
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