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2015 Revision of WCAT's Manual of Rules of Practice and Procedure (MRPP) – WCAT has undertaken a revision of our MRPP. The purpose of this revision is twofold: to include more plain language and to make changes necessitated as a result of our experience to date.

You may view the proposed revisions in the draft MRPP by clicking Here. The proposed revisions have resulted in additions, deletions, and modifications which are identified as underlined for additions and struckthrough for deletions in the draft document on our website.

We invite your input on the proposed revisions. Please send your comments by Friday, April 17, 2015 to the Senior Vice Chair and Tribunal Counsel, 150-4600 Jacombs Road, Richmond, BC, V6V 3B1, or fax to (604) 713-0443, or email to WCATGEN@wcat.bc.ca. If you have any questions about the consultation process, please contact Lily Chau at (604) 713-0424. (Posted 2015/04/10)
Notworthy Decisions – WCAT is reviewing the Noteworthy Decisions Index by subject area to ensure it is up to date, and revising where required. This is an ongoing process; to date the following sections have been fully reviewed and/or updated:
  • 1.3 (Whether an Injury Arose out of Employment) (section 5(1))
  • 1.4.1 (Extra Employment Activities)
  • 1.4.2 (Travelling Workers)
  • 1.7.2 (Mental Disorders)
  • 1.13 (Vocational Rehabilitation)
  • 1.14 (Deductions from Compensation)
  • 1.16.5 (Retirement Age)
  • 2.10 (Application for Compensation)

To view the current version of the Noteworthy Index .

(Posted 2015/04/10)

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We ask that visitors attending WCAT for oral hearings refrain from wearing scented personal hygiene products. Exposure to scented products can trigger a reaction which may require the vice chair to postpone the oral hearing.
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