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Preparing an Appeal FAQs

  1. Can I change the method of appeal?
  2. You can ask for the method you prefer, though we will make the final decision. Soon after you start the appeal, we will tell you the appeal method we have selected. If you are not satisfied, you can ask us to change the appeal method by writing to us and we will inform you of our decision.

  3. How long will my appeal take?
  4. You can expect us to decide an appeal within six months from the date that WorkSafeBC gives you disclosure. If the appeal is complicated, reaching a decision may take us more than six months.

    If we ask you to present the evidence for the appeal to us verbally, we will give you a specific time and date for an oral hearing. Please tell us immediately if you need a different date than the one we set for you.

    If we ask you to give us written submissions, as the appellant, you have 21 days to send them to us. If you need more time, you may ask for up to 45 more days. If you do receive more time, a participating respondent can also receive the same amount of extra time to provide their written submissions.

  5. Can I put my appeal on hold?
  6. The appellant can ask us to put the appeal on hold (suspend the appeal) if there is a related matter still before WorkSafeBC, including the Review Division. Put your request to suspend the appeal in writing and we will inform you of our decision. The appellant can later ask us to go ahead with the appeal without waiting for WorkSafeBC's decision on the related matter.

    If your appeal is still on hold when WorkSafeBC sends you its decision on the related matter, ensure that you ask us to continue your appeal within 30 days. Otherwise, we will assume you are satisfied with the result and close your appeal.

  7. How can I speed up my appeal?
  8. WCAT receives thousands of appeals each year. Your appeal will proceed more quickly if you:

    • Include the WorkSafeBC claim or file number and your WCAT appeal number on everything you send to WCAT.
    • Write to us if you change your address or your representative.
    • Send us new evidence that supports your appeal as soon as possible.
    • Answer any questions we may have about your appeal as soon as possible.
    • Attend the oral hearing on the scheduled date, or send us your written submission by the deadline we give you.
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