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Status of an Appeal - FAQs

  1. How long will my appeal take?
  2. You can expect us to decide your appeal within six months from the date that WorkSafeBC gives you disclosure. If your appeal is complicated, reaching a decision may take us more than six months.

  3. Can I telephone WCAT to start my appeal?
  4. No. Although you can telephone us and let us know that you intend to appeal, you can only start your appeal in writing. We will send you a Notice of Appeal form. In order to keep your appeal active, you need to ensure that we receive your completed form within 21 days.

    For more information see our Appealing a Review Division Decision - Worker's Guide or our Appealing a Review Division Decision - Employer's Guide.

  5. Who can participate in an appeal?
  6. The worker, along with the worker's representative or adviser and the worker's employer, along with their representative or their adviser can participate in an appeal to WCAT.

    The employers in British Columbia pay for the workers' compensation system. The employer has the right to participate in a worker's appeal because the amount they pay to WorkSafeBC may be directly affected by our decision.

  7. Can I fax my appeal form or letter to WCAT?
  8. Yes. Please keep a copy of everything you send to us as well as the fax confirmation sheet.

  9. Can I put my appeal on hold?
  10. If you are the appellant, you can ask us to put your appeal on hold (suspend your appeal) if there is a related matter still before WorkSafeBC, including the Review Division. Put your request to suspend your appeal in writing and we will inform you of our decision. You can later ask us to go ahead with your appeal without waiting for WorkSafeBC's decision on the related matter.

    If your appeal is still on hold when WorkSafeBC sends you its decision on the related matter, ensure that you ask us to continue your appeal within 30 days. Otherwise, we will assume you are satisfied with the result and close your appeal.

  11. Can WCAT obtain more evidence?
  12. We have the right to collect information such as employment, income, and medical records. We may also request WorkSafeBC to investigate matters, including doing ergonomic and employability assessments.

    We may request information or an opinion from your doctor or a doctor employed by WorkSafeBC. We may also request independent medical advice or assistance from a doctor or other health professional who is not employed by WorkSafeBC. The doctor or other health professional may ask you to attend for an examination.

    If the vice chair obtains any additional evidence, we will send you and the participating respondent a copy for comment.

    Although we have the right to seek out additional information, please do not assume that the vice chair will investigate further.

  13. What happens if the worker has more than one appeal?
  14. Where there is more than one appeal regarding the same worker involving similar issues, we may consider them at the same time. If the appeals involve different employers, we will take steps to protect the privacy of the parties.

  15. Will WCAT contact me before making a summary decision on my appeal?
  16. Before WCAT dismisses all or part of an appeal, we will notify the appellant and give them an opportunity to send in a written submission.

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