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WCAT can reconsider a final decision for very limited reasons. This process is called reconsideration.

To qualify for a reconsideration, you must show:

These are called the grounds, or the threshold, for reconsideration.

Only the appellant or the respondent (or their representatives) can apply for reconsideration of our decision. There is no time limit to apply for reconsideration.

Please fill out the Application for Reconsideration form and send it in to Tribunal Counsel Office. You can also apply for reconsideration by writing a letter to Tribunal Counsel Office explaining how you meet the grounds for reconsideration. If your application for reconsideration is on new evidence grounds, you should send in the new evidence along with your application.

Application for Reconsideration

You can apply for reconsideration of a WCAT decision on each ground once. This can be at the same time or at separate times if you want to apply for a reconsideration on both grounds. It is important not to apply for reconsideration until you are ready.

If more than one decision was appealed to WCAT, and we administratively joined them so that we only issued one decision, you can bring separate reconsideration applications on new evidence grounds only. But, if your new evidence is relevant to more than one of the joined appeals, you must apply for reconsideration of all of them at the same time.

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