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Vice Chairs

The chair must establish the panels which are responsible for deciding appeals to WCAT. Vice chairs are appointed to panels. Appeals are normally heard by a single member panel. The chair may appoint a three member panel if the issues raised in an appeal are complex and significant. The chair may appoint a precedent panel where the chair determines that the matters in an appeal are of special interest or significance to the workers' compensation system as a whole.

The chair may only appoint a person as a vice chair if they have knowledge of the workers' compensation system, knowledge of the principles and practice of administrative law, the ability to analyze relevant information, and the ability to make difficult decisions within an established framework of law and policy. They must also show such qualities as good judgment and decisiveness, be of good character and proven integrity, have effective communication skills, and the ability to work with others and to work effectively.

To view the biographical summaries of WCAT adjudicative staff

Cathy Agnew
Beatrice K. Anderson
W. J. (Bill) Baker
Anand Banerjee
Hélène Beauchesne
Sarwan Boal
Dana G. Brinley
Larry Campbell
Grace Chen
Lesley Christensen
Melissa Clarke
Adam Doherty
William J. Duncan
Scott Ferguson
Tamara Henderson
Janice Hight
Warren Hoole
Nora Jackson
Cynthia J. Katramadakis
Joanne Kembel
Brian King
Rob Kyle
Darrell LeHouillier
Lori H. Leung
Deborah Ling
Chad McRae
Renee Miller
Herb Morton
Barbara Murray
Elaine Murray
Paul Pierzchalski
Dale Reid
Deirdre Rice
Guy Riecken
Ellen Riley
Simi Saini
Shelina Shivji
Debra Simpson
Timothy B. Skagen
Anthony F. Stevens
Hilary Thomson
Andrew J. Waldichuk
Teresa White
Sherryl Yeager
Terry Yue
Lyall Zucko
* Vice Chair end of term dates are available in WCAT’s Annual Report
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