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Executive and Vice Chairs with Special Duties

The WCAT executive consists of the chair, tribunal counsel, the registrar and the director of operations, finance and administration.

The chair is responsible for such matters as appointing vice chairs, establishing quality adjudication, performance and productivity standards, establishing administrative practices and procedures for the effective operation of WCAT, and for providing for public access to WCAT decisions in a manner that protects the privacy of the parties to the proceedings.

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Treasury Board Directive 1/17 applies to all WCAT adjudicative appointees

Tribunal counsel directs the operation of the Tribunal Counsel Office (TCO).  more...

TCO is responsible for providing legal support to the chair and the vice chairs, continuing education, the MRPP, responding to inquiries both under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and from the Ombudsman, initial review of applications for reconsideration, responding to various complaints, and representing WCAT in the courts on judicial reviews of WCAT decisions.

TCO consists of tribunal counsel, vice chair of quality assurance and training, legal counsel, legal researchers (including co-op law students), medical coordinator, library technician, and support staff.

The registrar directs the registrar's office.  more...

The registrar's office is responsible for receiving appeals, determining whether appeals meet the requirements of the WCA, including determining whether WCAT has jurisdiction to hear the appeal, making the initial determination of the method of hearing, and assigning appeals to WCAT panels. The registrar's office is also responsible for managing the written submissions process and scheduling oral hearings.

The registrar's office consists of deputy registrars who are vice chairs, a senior registry officer, assessment officers, appeal coordinators, appeal liaisons, registration and scheduling clerks and support staff.

Vice chairs with special duties include the vice chair of quality assurance and training, the deputy registrars and the team leaders. As WCAT is a relatively large tribunal vice chairs are divided into adjudicative teams, which are headed by team leaders.

Name Position
Andrew Pendray Chair
Luningning Alcuitas-Imperial Senior Vice Chair & Registrar
David Newell Senior Vice Chair & Tribunal Counsel
James Sheppard Vice Chair Quality Assurance & Training
david bird Vice Chair & Deputy Registrar
Sherelle Goodwin Vice Chair & Deputy Registrar
Randy Lane Vice Chair & Team Leader
Julie C. Mantini Vice Chair & Team Leader
Susan Marten Vice Chair & Team Leader
Debbie sigurdson Vice Chair & Team Leader

* Vice Chair end of term dates are available in WCAT's Annual Report

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