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Front Building
WCAT is located at 4600 Jacombs Road in Richmond, British Columbia. WCAT holds oral hearings here and in many locations throughout the province.
Front Building with Parking
You will find ample free parking in front of the building.
Front Entrance
Welcome to WCAT. You enter the building through these doors.
Lobby – Door to Reception
When you enter the building, you arrive in this hallway.
The doors to the right open onto WCAT’s reception. Our reception area is open at 8 am.
During regular office hours (8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday), our receptionist greets all visitors and notifies the vice chair of your arrival for a hearing. The receptionist also forwards any documents and inquiries to the appropriate individuals.
Private Interview Room
If you would like some privacy while you wait, or want to meet with your representative or another person before the hearing, we also have two private interview rooms.
Hallway to Hearing Rooms
We have five separate hearing rooms along this hallway. The receptionist will direct you to your hearing room. There are chairs outside each hearing room where you can wait.
Hearing Room toward Hallway
A typical hearing room is rectangular with two tables in a T-shape. It comfortably seats seven people, including the vice chair who sits at the head of the T. Outside of Richmond, we hold hearings in hotel conference rooms which are also set up like this. All hearing rooms have a speaker phone (for telephone hearings), recording equipment, a computer, and a flat screen video monitor.
Appellant and Representative
This is a hearing with just the appellant, a representative and the vice chair.
Anyone can represent you at your hearing, such as a union representative (if you are a worker), compensation consultant or an employer’s association (if you are an employer). You can get free help with your appeal from a workers’ or employers’ adviser.
Appellant, Respondent, and Representatives
In this hearing, both the appellant and the respondent have representatives.
All hearings at WCAT are conducted in English. If English is your second language, you can ask for an interpreter either on your Notice of Appeal form (if you are the appellant) or on your Notice of Participation form (if you are the respondent).
After the hearing the vice chair will consider the evidence on the WorkSafeBC file and the evidence and submissions the appellant and any respondent provided and write a decision with reasons which we mail out.

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